dust boatman view thought





off an Arizona coast


the fish stepped from my car as

the Oscar Farm Fresh truck slid further west

and began to shrink.


eight officers suspended

walnuts flat as blue oranges

you would think.


speak a ma language


on earth, think and speak in English

father in the silence of space so much

prefers the rhythms of French 


think for pure utilitarian purpose

of communicating with humans  

English works well as any


very much the outside observer

find earth language more similar than different

assembly of what you call words

like patterns from language to language 


words may hamper

expression of communicative thought

at times nevertheless

each language is equally similar

hampered as time does tell


when humans get to mental telepathy

at its best, will quickly have

superior acknowledgement

real power in expressive thought

over the spoken word


to use a planet Earth type comparison

it will be even beyond the vast difference

between cave drawings and the internet

when feelings are loud

when speak a ma mind

at the wishing well



feeling alright


was what it was all about with 

social upheavals, generational pressures,

wars in distant lands, politics unusual,

all reasons not to feel good


Seems I got to have a change of scene

Cause every night I have the strangest dreams

Imprisoned by the way it used to be

Left here on my own or so it seems

I got to leave before I start to scream

But someone's locked the door and took the key

Feelin' alright Not feelin' too good myself Feelin' alright Not feelin' too good myself

Boy you sure took me for one big ride Even now I sit and wonder why And when I think of you I start to cry Got to stop belivin' in all your lies Cause I got too much to do before I die
Before someone comes along and takes my place With a different name and yes a different face
‘Feeling Alright’ by Dave Mason, from Traffic, 1968
covered by many, includin’ Joe Cocker, and Grand Funk Railroad  

dust boatman view thought