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Coming over here, I thought about picking up an apple fritter for you but then I couldnít get over into the left lane to make the turn.  I think my turn signal is broken.  Are they open this early anyways?  I wonder if the guy at the station could check it.  I guess I could do it myself.  Push the stalk up, get out, and look at the lights on the back.  See whatís blinking.  I gottaí make sure itís in park.  And Iíll put the parking break on just to be extra safe.  I could pull in front of one of those glass front office buildings and see my reflection.  That would work.   Then I could back into a parking spot to check my backlights.  I had a couple coffees when I got up and my morning smoke.  Heard a song on the radio that used to be one of my favorites but I forgot the name of it.  I think they changed the lyrics.  It was some of that soft rock that you donít like.  You know itís a whole world, thereís a whole world of music out there, and itís a new world to hear.  Itís not all notes that go in order and harmonies and words that make sense all the time.  I think the tigers have an afternoon game today, or maybe itís tonight.  Have you made any?


ďThe game was rained out. Donít ask me why.Ē


You donít drink coffee, do you?


ďAh, there are some electrical currents still working up there.  Youíre right.  Still donít drink coffee.  Donít ask me why.   But, gosh, who wouldnít want to be as chipper as you this early in the day?Ē


Hey, good point.  I donít know, Iíve just always liked the taste of coffee, yaí know.  It smells great.  Put a few sugars in and youíre ready to go man go.  Iíll make my own.  I know where everything is.  Where do you keep the filters?  Rained out, heh?


ďIím going down town this afternoon to look at a hotel if you want to ride along.Ē


You should see the sun this morning.  Man, itís bright.  I know you havenít been out yet.  The newspaperís still on your porch.  That sun is just something else.  Go over to the window and take a look.  Itís on me.


ďIím glad to hear the paper boy found the porch this morning. Good arm.  Thatís two days in a row.  I hope we have him for a few more days before he gets that call from the majors and goes pro on us.Ē


You havenít seen this sun, have yaí?  Man, itís bright.  Itís so hot you can feel it.  Coffeeís ready.  Want some?


ďIím going toí finish these calculations and then Iíll be ready for my guitar lesson.Ē


Yeah, okay.  You donít need any more lessons.  You already play better than I do.  I taught you my song.


ďItís good, my friend.  I just want to be able to play more than one song, more than just those same two chords and three notes all the time.  Donít you?Ē


Man, I mean it.  You ought to look out your window and see this sun Iím talkiní about.  I donít want to change my song, man.  That two-chord three-note song sold over two million single copies in the first year.  And then we put it on an album with eleven other two chord three note songs and it sold a millions copies.  Then we did that live album of the same songs and it sold a million.  Iím not messing with it and Iím not learning any more chords.  Itís not financially feasible.  Just not in my best interest.


ďFinancially feasible?  Youíre sounding like me.  Iím glad to help you manage the business parts.  I just thought you might want to grow as a musician.Ē


Man, Iím not a musician.  Iím a product on the shelf in the record store the same as a box of corn flakes in the grocery store.  Weíre gonnaí  put out a Ďbest ofí album in a couple months, the same stuff again, and sell another million copies.    Iíd tour Japan if I felt like traveling but I donít.  Why donít you like the sun?


ďItís no big deal.  The sun rises.  The sun shines.  The sun sets.  What else is it gonnaí do?


Why donít you like to see the sunrise, man?  Itís so beautiful.  Címon, take a look.


ďHey Iíve seen it. Many times.  You treat it like some kind of mystery or something.  Itís not.  The sun rises every day.  Itís great.  Iím glad it happens.  Itís gonnaí do it whether Iím looking or not.  Itís not depending on me.Ē


Well youíll be sorry if it doesnít someday and you blew it, man.  You missed your last chance to see it.


ďItíll be there tomorrow.  I might look at it then.Ē


What if itís not?


ďNot what?Ē


Think about it man.  What if itís not there tomorrow?


ďWhat is wrong with you?  Everyone knows the sun rises every day.  What do you mean by Ďwhat if itís not?í  Thereís no such thing as itís not going to rise, the sun is going to rise.Ē


How can you be so sure?  Thereís no way of knowing that.


ďI swear Iím changing the lock on my door and Iím not letting you in.  Do you have a fever or something?Ē


Man, Iím fine.  Thereís nothing wrong with me.  I come over here Ďcause weíre friends.  You think there is something wrong with me just because you donít like thinking about things.


ďThinking about things?  Thinking about, thinking, you think this is thinking.  Babbling about the sun may not rise, ever again, is not thinking.  Thinking is applying your brain to practical matters.  What youíre doing is hallucinating, not thinking.Ē


Well, Iíll tell you what Iím thinking.  And I am thinking.  I think you have some kink of mental thing about facing the reality that the sun just might not rise tomorrow.  Probably a lot of people are like that.  Donít feel bad about it. 


ďBad about it?  Okay, alright.  Iím doing some of my serenity breathing here, nice and easy.  I just breathe in, slowly and very calmly.  I imagine myself in a favorite place, on a warm island, by myself.  I hold that picture in my mind, and I slowly exhale.  Everything is good.Ē


Well it wonít be so good my friend if the sun doesnít rise to warm your cute little island.  Think about it.


ďLet me give you something to think about.  Think about the wager you want to make.  Do you want to wager that the sun wonít rise tomorrow?   Could be some easy money for you here.  You think about it, friend.  And we are friends.  I do wonder why sometimes.  But, we can make a friendly wager here.  Letís bet one hundred dollars.Ē


Well, you know I donít like betting.  I donít like gambling.  And, first of all, I donít think you can afford, well, itís really not first of all now,  but I donít think you can afford to lose that much.  I donít want to take advantage of you.


ďThis is not gambling, for you.  Itís just insanity for you to be questioning or be unsure about if the sun is going to rise tomorrow.  Letís make this more interesting, if thatís possible.   Iíll bet one thousand dollars that the sun will rise tomorrow.Ē


Oh, my oh my.  Thatís too much and you know it.  You think youíre so smart.  I might just take you up on that one hundred dollar bet and teach you a lesson.   But, címon now, that one thousand dollars is just too much money to be betting.  Itís just reckless.  Itís irresponsible.  Youíre so sure of yourself.  You know better. 


ďBut, you are sure enough of yourself to bet me a hundred dollars that the sun wonít rise tomorrow?Ē


Well it just down right amuses me that you are so sure it will rise that you are willing to lose a hundred dollars over it.


ďYouíll bet with me one hundred dollars, but you wonít bet one thousand dollars.  Youíre betting against the sun.  I donít see the difference between one hundred or one thousand dollars. 


Okay, so we are betting on if the sun will rise.  Who we gonnaí get to be the judge ?  Do you really want to  discuss this with anyone else?  Let me think on this.  There is no guarantee, but the probability, well it is fifty fifty odds.  There are only  two possibilities.  Either it does, or it doesnítĒ


Donít make it worse for yourself.  Iíll come by in the morning, in the dark to collect my money.