dust boatman view thought





the dust index



dust grain particles scattering emissivity forming in the atmosphere of cool carbon stars evolving off the main sequence, element origins in our universe and human bodies, as we are there we are here and we are all together as planned in the beginning



million years ago   


today a caveman taught his sons to play,  life, love and peace for all 


phil spector wah    


fully amped multiple guitar wall of sound come blasting us head on


visions of dust       


right in front of us, we keep looking to see if it is what we think


jai gura deva           


pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my open mind  


spin las vegas      


plastic men and painted girls, tired of singing my song in Las Vegas


returns for us         


we are but a momentís sunlight fading in the grass            


after it rains             


just my fatherís son, saving my money, dreaming of glory




dust boatman view thought