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as an artist may imagine

Studio Right Brain


Only These Words


Far as the eye can see, we have words.  We seek meaning in the words.  Mentally flexible people, artists able to improvise, bring value to every scene in life. 


Knowing where we are is our reference base, our frame of reference.  It is where we start from, every day, when we start our day.  The world changes, it spins around, very fast at times.  We writers, business presenters, artists and performers should seek to be familiar with every frame of reference available to us.  In studying the world around us, we can approach our study as an ongoing pastime, as a vital element to success.  We can be in it for the long run, be in it for real.     


Do not sweat the mistakes.  What we do is not of much eternal importance.  It matters to you and me.  Creative persons, artists and writers and musicians, athletes and other humans practice over and over and still make mistakes.  Through darkness and time the light travels on, at its own speed.  We make mistakes.  Donít sweat it. 


We study the medium we work in, real life, film, web, canvas, boardroom, the written word, and we can cross-pollinate our minds with study of other media and connective disciplines.  It all connects.  


Accept being a lifetime learner as part of who you are and what you do.  We expand our ability to think, speak, to act and write about what matters to us, and what is of interest to us, the more we expand our reference base.  Create your world.  Think about it, and this world gets an even better you.  Sweet deal.   



with the dawn

we just want

to celebrate another day of life

another day of living  


as an artist may imagine

Studio Right Brain