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bubble thoughts



Bubbles of greed, disguised as bubbles of hope, we should admit, the economic growth rates experienced for the twenty years prior to 2008, came to a bursting end.  We knew that economies powered by consumer spending, based on credit not cash, with citizens and governments buying beyond their means, would not last.  We knew.


The ordained governments’ much-needed lifelines are more stabilizing than stimulating, and as fun as it was, everyone needs to catch their breath and deleverage.  The party is over for now and there are bills to pay. 


There is income and expenses in almost every business, and most dearly want to be a for profit business.  The business of government, regardless of who sits in whatever musical chair, produces expenses only.  Government does not manufacture anything or do anything to produce income. It spends. 


Government does what it is supposed to do, and may do some things it need not be doing.


Our business and lifestyle is funded by income we work hard for every day.  The government’s lifestyle is funded by the exact same income we work hard for every day, in the form of taxes.  You and I and all other business and individual taxpayers pay for government governing, social programs, national defense, education, foreign aid and other stuff in pretty much that order. 

I do not want to be simplistic with such a complex issue.  However, simply, we pay for any and all help that government gives us. 


We pay for what government does on our behalf, in our name.  They simply have no money, except ours, to pay for anything.  Truth is - taxes will increase.  Dress it up however you like, we pay for what government gives.


What comes down must go back up, every time!  The U.S. economy will rebound strongly but slowly.  The graph chart will show a series of ups and downs as it always does.  The business cycle is bubble and burst, bubble and burst. 


This latest bubble had exaggerated insanity.  We see now that the illogic action from some in government and some in the business community is not amusing.  This bubble was bigger and it burst bigger.  Far too many innocent people and innocent businesses got hurt unfairly. 


Only some bubble makers get smarter; some get slapped, some get five to ten years or more offstage.  Most regroup.  We bubble learn very little and we will bubble repeat ourselves, again. 


The bubble burst.  We got soap in our eyes and it stings.  Nobody likes it.


You will like this.  The U.S. economy is and will remain the top global economy.  This is good for business, good for employers and employees, whether your business is domestic or global.  The U.S. economy is the most competitive economy in the world.  The economic muscles of innovation, research and development, and brilliant entrepreneurship are toned and well conditioned.


It is where the big game is played.  To an always new and shiny place, they come to America.



dust boatman view thought