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Interesting as that story is, Darwin, and it is, we need to be talking more of business, not of man and dog fighting.


I am not talking of man and dog fighting.  Yeah, but keep her on track, Howard, follow that agenda.  When you think about it, Howard, man and dog fighting is kind of a story about the business world.  Any more questions?


So I see now how Darwin became a family name.  Letís take another direction.  You are good at advancing ideas and brands, and a good talent scout.  When you are involved in talent recruitment for a client, what do you look for in a candidate?


Well, today especially, candidates need to be adaptable to change.  They need to see how their skill set and experience fits in a new environment.  I am looking for the people that get it.  It is okay to reinvent as the world around us reinvents itself.  It is just a new wilderness.  I like people who get eye to eye, but donít bite.


With so much diversity and so much more competition, can you give us some solid suggestions that will help todayís job candidates?


Certainly, Howard.  I have a few interview etiquette tips.  Here are some points to remember for the big interview.  You may be reentering the workforce after a three to five year absence.  I know you are innocent.  We all are.  Maybe you are looking to make a career change.  Probably a good idea after the way that last job turned out.  You know you are required to find employment, as a condition.  So make the best of it.  Use the same positive communication skills that worked for you at the hearing.  It got you out.  Enjoy the fresh air while you can.


What does a person do first, as they reenter the workforce or possibly change careers?


When I am consulting with clients, I stress the basics, and first things first.  Have the best resume possible because the resume is the door opener.  After a good resume, the interview is the next critical step in the job search process.  For the candidate that sent his brotherís resume in, it might work.  Get your story straight.  You should know where the school is located that he, I mean, you attended.  


I guess we are in unconventional territory the same as we are in unconventional times.  What advice do you have for the actual interview?


Howard, I coach people to stick with the basics.  I tell them that there will be some small talk.  Get to know each other.  Relax.  There will be some questions to answer.  It is not an interrogation, which, you know, some people do not do well at all.  If the job involves sales or public relations, and most jobs do, one question might ask you to explain how you would get agreement from someone who is quite opposed to what you are saying. 


I tell the candidate that, effective as it may have been in the past , making the interviewer an offer they cannot refuse is not the best approach, in todayís work place.  In this situation, look for common ground.  Usually, both people like breathing.  It is a start. 


And so Darwin advises.