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as an artist may imagine

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Studio Right Brain

Studio Right Brain

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here on earth


things are different from what we thought they would be.  Sometimes only because we think they are.


We have not been here on earth before this time.  Why do we think we know so much to be true?

Being the only thinking beings here, we think, we have unchallenged strong belief and faith in our thoughts. 


As does light circularly extend out instantly to any distance in time, our thought scans the natural world vainly

pursuing a closer view of the mind of God.  Without reason or ability, propelled by a flawed sense of mortal importance and with eternal indifference, we simultaneously seek and reject the truth of our selves. 


Je pense donc je suis, thought the French butterfly in a dream of reality.


A heartbeat wave rolls to shore. 


My ancestors were nomadic. 

From our fathers east, they trekked across frozen straits

into the Americas slush long before it was so known. 

Over generations, they wandered along coastlines, hunting and breeding. 


Bravely they left their tribal families sown on the inland plains. 

The light of the sun led them to the lowlands of the Yucatan peninsula. 

They evolved through mortal traditions of hunting and foraging. 

Time progressed them into an enlightenment of communal agriculture. 

Basic foods in this area today derive from the crops of beans,

corn and squash they domesticated in their 2500 B.C. world.


The labors of my lineage farmed and irrigated to feed their community of life. 

Priests and merchants seeding life.  Wives and queens giving birth

in the marshes washing aside a Mayan civilization. 

My family made clay and paints under the watch of the sun. 

Father observed the stars and planets and cycles of time. 

He scratched his drawings of life on rocks,

painting pictures from inside his mind. 

He recorded events, led us in worship, oh night divine.  


Not there yet, we are getting closer to our home.




as an artist may imagine

Studio Right Brain

Service for the Artist <

the written word for art and commerce to accompany your visual presentations


Knowing where we are is our reference base, where we start from every day.

Business presenters and other artists should study every frame of reference available.

Approach study as a vital element to success.  Be in it for the long run, for real.


What we do is not as much of eternal importance as it matters more to you and me.

Perfectly through time, light travels at its own speed.  Humans make mistakes.  Donít sweat it.


Study the medium you work in, film, canvas, corporate boardroom, dreams and marketing and life. 

Cross-pollinate your mind with study of other media and connective disciplines.  It all connects. 

As a reference base expands so will ability to speak, act and write about matters of interest.

Thought clears the way and the world gets an even better you.  Sweet deal.  


With the dawn

we just want

to celebrate another day of life

another day of living.


as an artist may imagine

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