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a sound of walnut


Saying that reality is perception may make sense on some level, possibly equal to saying that perception is reality.  The truth is that only reality is reality, and sorry to burst anyone’s perception bubble, perception is only perception.


Yes, I probably do have other things to do more important than pecking the keyboard in this manner, but I bring this up for a reason.  We all hear this expression repeated often in our culture today: perception is reality.  We hear this in public and political discussions, in business meetings and other tribal councils, here and possibly on other planets as well.  It weaves into our daily life.  Perception is reality, even when I say it and as sincerely as I may believe it, it is not true.


It is true that we choose our beliefs.  We recognize that we can choose to believe, possibly to our own peril, that people’s perceptions are equal to reality, certainly may be to them.  We seek to understand.


Our perception of anything material is the result of our human senses communication to our brain, and all the variables of data reception, storage and retrieval coming into play.  We mostly have good reason when we say that perception is reality.  As wrong as we are in doing so, in saying perception is reality, we can feel good that we have expanded our intellect to embrace diversity of thought and reason to the point, harmful or not, another’s perception of chosen elements of the natural flow, inaccurate as they may be, are misguidedly deemed valid and equal to reality. 


I am not doing you any favor in allowing you to stand on the railroad track in front of the freight train speeding towards you, because your perceptions is this will do you no harm.  Your last thought, before you die as the train runs you over, may be your serene perception of well-being.  The reality is that the train will kill you regardless of your perception.  The train does not share your struggle with perceptions.  The train is reality; it is loud, gives you warning, is big and fast and regardless of your mistaken final perception, reality is still reality. 


Only slightly less important than matters of human life and death can take place at the table where we share a meal.  I may admire the table and remark this is a nice cherry wood table.  You correct me and say the table is not made of cherry wood but is made of walnut.  It is possible that one of us has more knowledge of wood than the other has.  Whether I perceive the table to be made of cherry wood or not, and you perceive the table to be made of walnut, it is not altering the reality of the wood.


In reality, it is a beautiful walnut table, with matching chairs.  In my mind, the table can be made of old Elvis records, thankyaverymuch, but that is in my mind.  Outside my mind, where you are, reality remains reality.  Inside my mind, louder than walnut, I hear a cry of dim light