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visions of dust


vision of dust irritants in the mindís eye hindrances to reality cloud the sight and sound all around gritty chalk in dry throats  piercing to the ear laser to the brain finite to the end


vision of  mine  A child in school is said to be daydreaming.  In growing and aging, maybe maturing, we graduate to visionary at some point.  Our visions tend to be positive movies in which we star.  A movie project is planned and organized to present a story, a vision.  Movie making needs direction and control to get the story right.  We need vision.  We need the light, the action, the applause affirming our production of life.  Vision for all.  Take a look.  Take your pick.  Vision vision vision.  Everywhere you do look, people are seeing things.  What we see off there in the ether is not always foresight or formative.  But we are all seeing some things.  Vision is invisible.  You have to describe your vision to me.  Whatever I understand it to be; it is your vision.  The instant I see your vision it is changed.  Now I have a vision.  I cannot keep it to myself.   


vision of mind   The vision gains its validation in you forming a plan, and the tender care you afford it proceeding to organize and direct and to control.  Most of us more easily remember the past than remember the future.  With the direction of time being a one-way street, we bow and go with the flow of time.  Neither memory nor vision is real.  We all see things differently.  No matter how you look at it, memory is not more accurate than vision.  Nothing you do today can change the past.  Everything you do today changes the future.  The vision is what you want.  The vision is where you want to go; it may not be where you are going now. 

Vision is all-important.  It can be as awkward to discuss, as it is difficult to comprehend at times.  For each individual, our vision is right in front of us.  We look, and move forward toward it, as it moves forward away, always ahead of us.  We keep looking to see if it is what we think.  It is.


vision of life   We need vision.  Vision is the creative light of what can be, hovering over the practical matter of what is.  We need a creative tension between the plan we are working on and the new we seek.  The practicality of each day, planning, analyzing and correcting, is as vital as air.  These are necessary tasks to produce results.  No matter how well done, they will never produce a vision.  You may wonder where this all heads, if you are still awake in moments before the sunrise.  We are not to be fooled into thinking what we are seeing is real.  What you see is only what you see.  A problem of life is not solved merely in seeing, visibly in description.  Analysis is not to be mistaken for vision.  We may not want to change anything, even as we recognize a need for change.  This is as human as we are. 


with the dawn, we just want to celebrate another day of life, another day of living.