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The Wonder of the Written Word


We labor in our communication with humanity.  While we understand that a picture can be worth a thousand words, take note that we calculate that worth and express the value in words.  The written word is the base of the exchange rate. 


We use words to define and describe all that we see, hear, feel, think, create, live for and love.  Human expression of our eternal soul, of our art and media is about words; the words help deliver the messages from our soul.  Writing, a distinctly human activity, is the representation of language in a textual medium through the use of a set of signs or symbols. 


The infinite monkey theorem says a monkey randomly hitting typewriter keys would recreate Shakespeareís work in maybe a few hundred years.  Most squirrel monkeys that I know only live around fifteen years, so that is not going to happen.  Some believe there are extraterrestrial beings that possess knowledge of writing, but nobody has gotten as much as a postcard from them.  For the moment, the actual comprehendible writing we have to read is all of human origin.  


From cave drawings, simplified forms of writing, as represented in ancient Egyptian pictographics, evolved into phonetic elements of speech, with todayís Indo-European languages being represented by abstract characters, allowing us to write, read and draw meaning from these very words. 


Humans develop and change their writing systems to fit their needs.  Shapes of symbols evolve into alphabetic letters, and the meanings represented can change in time.  Writing gives humans an ability to put ideas and agreements and commandments on record; writing enables a kingís commands, as well as a writerís thoughts, to go far beyond sight and voice and to survive an individualís death. 


Moving unsteadily from prehistory to history, cave paintings to petroglyphs conveyed non-language images, until humankindís history, our distilled history of labeled civilization, recognizably begins with the writing of words that directly represent language.

The spoken word becomes written, as manís mind was heard, now manís mind is read. 


<Example of an ancient letter, interpreted and translated into modern English>


man, it is hot


walking along this forsaken desert road of wadi el-hol          

through dust   and   heat truly in    middle of nowhere   

I travel to thebes    with my goods to trade       


inscribing this alphabetic writing on a chunk of limestone          

for my first time    i use     skill   learned   last       year  

going through   valley  of    kings  to   abydos

no longer in wilderness deep in egypt         I write         

I bebi of semitic people   am in civilization      


we now use groups of   symbols     each symbol represents a sound     

 which we          combine   to form our words 

expressing things in our world  and   ideas  in our     mind             

    works better for us    than   hundreds of idea pictures 

used    in   egyptian   hieroglyphics


now not spend a lifetime   in learning the  egyptian ways     

      we teach our children          soldiers    and       merchants   alphabetic writing in hours


       in a year unknown to us   to   be   1900bc      

inscribing   our    words   from   right    to          left

         we   write      of   our chiefs   and        gods             bebi   of semitic people   



as we go along in world words



with the dawn

we just want

to celebrate another day of life

another day of living  


as an artist may imagine

Studio Right Brain