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This World of Words


Today we have this world of words, to love and fear.


With so many ideas in the mist, we say that symbols for ideas, ideographics, are not sufficiently developed to represent language.  While pictographics, unable to support language by themselves, can form the core of logographics.  Therefore, our methods of inscription that we humans use on our planet Earth today are mainly either alphabetic, syllabic, featural or logographic.   


In logographies, the written character of a logogram represents a word.  Reading logographic writing is illuminatingly efficient, once you spend a decade or so learning the huge number of logograms needed to represent a language.  Logographic writing systems will also have phonetics, as seen in the logosyllabic components in Mayan, cuneiform and Chinese characters. 


In featural scripts, as possibly used in older Oriental languages, and common in invented and fictional language systems, there are some common elements in sounds pronounced with the lips that often pass unnoticed.  Sign writing, a featural script, used for many sign languages as the shapes and movements of the hands and face represent the language. 


Syllabic inscription using a syllabary, a set of written symbols, to represent and approximate syllables, are suited to Japanese and those languages with more simple syllabic structure.  Speak up if this sounds like Greek to you or if there is a better way to say the same thing.  A consonant followed by a vowel is typical, while phonetically related syllables may not appear similar in the script. 


Alphabetic inscription, blending and mixing as other methods of inscription so interestingly do, uses a relatively small set of symbols in itís alphabet.  A sound uttered, a phoneme of a language is represented by a symbol, within a small set of symbols that make up an alphabet, and you are writing words. 


We have learned these things.  



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